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South Beach Shovelin’

We took the freshly built Shovel to South Beach to infiltrate a city full of big baggers and mopeds for Art Basel in December. The weather was in the mid 80s while the north east was hit with it’s first winter storm. The only mechanical failure was the single exhaust bolt to the head flying […]

Race of the Gentlemen 2

The chill of winter is upon us as garage doors shut in and wood stoves burn through the day here in Philadelphia. I remember riding down route 55 through New Jersey in early October on a course for Wildwood. In back of me, two rows of motorcycles barreling down the highway at 90mph — The glow […]

Barbary Breakout Motorcycle Run

Back in February, at the bottom of a glass of whiskey, we concocted a scheme of the greatest caliber. Take the camping trips and adding entertainment — And I’m not talking about Duncannon strip clubs. I’m talking bands, dj parties, prize giveaways and the whole thing sponsored by Pabst. John Redden is bringing his Barbary on the road […]