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Race of Gentlemen IV

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Four years ago a group of us departed from Philadelphia and headed to a foggy Asbury Park, NJ on our bikes to catch the first races I had ever seen on a beach. It was like witnessing something out of an old Hot Rod magazine. Our crew from Philadelphia continued to grow every year and […]

Barbary Breakout!

We hit the road a few weekends ago for the Barbary Breakout and I think it’s safe to say, fun was had by all. There was never a dull moment—An endless supply of beer stayed flowing—The blood and sweat rained out from the music tent while such bands as Fantasy Panther and Demian’s Serpent Throne […]


First posted on Chin on the Tank… I’m cruising on Interstate 80, descending through the jagged, brown peaks of Nevada, when I first set eyes on northern Utah. In an instant the landscape changes from the familiar desert to barren white flats as I cross the border. It’s fucking wild! Then came the sign for […]