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Barbary Breakout!

We hit the road a few weekends ago for the Barbary Breakout and I think it’s safe to say, fun was had by all. There was never a dull moment—An endless supply of beer stayed flowing—The blood and sweat rained out from the music tent while such bands as Fantasy Panther and Demian’s Serpent Throne […]

Crossing California

There was no greater feeling than crossing the desert through the open air atop my two-wheeled machine. I rode to a place that seemed so far distant on a map. The contrast of orange sand dunes against the big blue sky vibrated across my brain at a 100 miles an hour. After 3,500 miles I […]

Into the Sun

The journey begins from Philadelphia to Washington D.C. The bikes are packed and ready to traverse the country. It’s Dennis and I on our cycles. I’ve turned my cafe Harley into a touring bike, equipped as our lifeline in case of any mishaps. It’s packing a complete tool set for both bikes, an on-board air […]